“Houston we have lift off!”

by SC

I vividly remember promising myself I would never be one of those “artsy, hipster and pussy male.” that owned a blog, you know the guy that never played sport, gossiped a lot and knew every teacher by their first name. (Insert ridiculous generalisation) I also remember in year 9 English, our teacher asked if anyone had a blog, one of my friends shouted my name despite knowing full well I wouldn’t because it would hurt my “street cred” I denied it like Michael Jackson denied touching the kid. (Oh shit….) But I guess as one matures they need less and less validation from external forces and thus on the 24/02/2013 I started up a blog. I really have no idea what this blog will transform into, so no boundaries or borders, no rules or regulations just some words from a teenager that wants to record the fragility of life because life is too short. I can only imagine the look of a 15 year old Stanley (Oh hi, that’s me.) as he founds out he later opens a Blog, oh man I would of questioned my sexuality for days.


But I guess the blog count no longer reads “Nope, nada, zilch” but one.