Thunder rumbles in LA.

by SC

Nothing sums up the new NBA season and the return of DERRICK CHI TOWN ROSE like this picture.


Farewell lonely nights, farewell alcoholic stretches, farewell sadness and misery my Chicago Bulls are looking good with DERRICK CHI TOWN ROSE leading the ship. After skimming my articles because I’m a filthy Narcissus, I’ve realised that most of my articles are about the Eastern Conference that’s because the Bulls are in that conference and so is the best player in the NBA and a player that will crack my top 10 this year if he either win another MVP or ring; LeBron James. So welcome to the Western Conference Edition! GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT! (Jalen Rose wouldn’t mind… Right?)
(Edit : Miami Heat have scored 15 points unanswered against my Bulls, they have completely annihilated us from the three point line and on the turn overs, it seems I’m going to be an alcoholic again.)

“Will the Clippers be better than the Oklahoma Thunder in the 2014 season.”
YES SIR! What a massive shame, in 2012 we would of thought the Thunder were going to the Western Conference finals 7 times in a row and that would of happened if Presti never sent a top 10 player packing for Jeremy Lamb. a 12th pick and a long gone Kevin Martin…. Probably the most important trade since maybe the O’Neal trade to the Heat? Maybe even more important, this is a PRIME James Harden who has another 8-9 years of dominance, O’Neal was at the end of his physical peak… SAY IT AIN’T SO OKLAHOMA, SAY IT AIN’T SO!

Unfortunately, the Thunder’s glory days have slipped a little, they are still a top 8 team in the league, they’ll still make the playoffs because Kevin Durant will transcend as one of the greatest scorers of ALL TIME. But Westbrook is hurt, they are relying WAY too much on Jeremy Lamb and Reggie Jackson for perimeter shooting and Nick Collison to hold down the paint. They really have no spark off the bench, they are going to miss Kevin Martin’s 12-16 points per night, at least he spaced the floor and was a veteran ball player. Also I’ve chosen to completely ignore Kendrick Perkin’s existence as a human being and an NBA player for the sake of my sanity.

Clippers have REALLY stepped up their team with key additions, most importantly did I mentioned they stole a top 5 coach from the Celtics; Vinnie Del Negro (Hehehehe). They added some real shooting to their team, JJ Reddick and Jared Dudley, who shoot a combined 50.5% from the mid range and a 38% from 3 point land. C.R.E.A.M. I reckon Griffin will play this season with a MASSIVE chip on his shoulder, Griffin is the one good player in the league that gets disrespected league. He’s an athletic freak that gets featured on every highlight, but can’t close a game, hasn’t played in a meaningful game yet, can’t hit free throws, has a weak post move and an ugly jumpshot. Practice your fundamentals young blood! After being tossed around like a rag doll by Zac Randolph and being nationally blasted for not showing up with his partner in crime CP3. Griffin’s competitive nature is going to show, he’s going to lock himself in the gym practicing his spin moves, his jumpshot and his post hook, I can feel it. Regardless Griffin > Ibaka even last season and Ibaka also pulled a Houdini act in the playoffs without Westbrook to get him open shots. Chris Paul and Westbrook can play each other to the stand still, Westbrook might burn CP3’s ankles a few times but there is a fat chance CP3 might drop 11 assist, something which Westbrook struggles a little with.  So basically… Does the addition of Doc Rivers+3 point shooting+De Andre Jordan+Jamal Crawford+Matt Barnes over come Kevin Durant? I would say so, on most nights anyway because there’s always a threat of KD35 dropping 45 points off 58% shooting.

Well what advantages does the Thunder have over the Clippers? Well athleticism, Westbrook should have his DNA mixed with LeBron James to create the first super human. The combination of Westbrook and Durant easily dominates any player you pair with Chris Paul. Not only can Westbrook match Chris Paul on a statistical level, both players are alpha males, both serve as the emotional heart beat of the team and Westbrook could rather eat roadkill then step down from CP3. Also  have I mentioned the name Kevin Durant? 6’9 athletic stud, could easily be mistaken for a ghetto slender man due to the length of his arms. Durant, Bryant, Westbrook and Paul are the only players that could step on the court and think they’re LeBron’s equal. After all when you drop 30.6 points on close to 55% whilst adding 6 rebounds, 2.2 assist and playing against the top perimeter defender AND you’re under 25? Then you’re cash money, bank money, mafia money, corporate CEO, dollar dollar bills money. I mean Durant basically took Larry Bird’s scoring ability in 1986 and mixed it on steroids, he’s a much better athlete, has a jumpshot which rivals the Legend’s and is much more dangerous on the break. I can’t speak enough praise about Durant, he’s Gervin/McGrady/Bird rolled into one. There’s also the fear Kendrick Perkins might try to eat the Clippers ball boy. (Too far? Yep!)

Right now it’s arguably the Thunder are better than the clippers, since the Clipper’s offense and defense hasn’t officially meshed under the guidance of Doc Rivers. But I believe Clippers will be a better team than the Thunder by the end of the playoffs, even if they have no one to guard the Westbrook+Durant combination, (But then again which team really can? Pacers? Heat?)

– Chingy.